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The Underdog returns in September to McMenamins Mission Theater, our beloved home turf, for some more epic Second Sunday action. Vendors, apply here for any and all Second Sundays of the month.

We are so very excited to team up with McMenamins once again for their annual Festival of Americana and this year we are headed to the one and only Crystal Ballroom. Trust us, you don't want to miss this. Apply now and join us for some foot stomping fun!

We're moving on up! Come visit us in our bigger better space starting July 13th.

We are busy working behind the scenes to bring The Crafty Underdog to beautiful Ashland, OR. Until then, join us for Crafty at the Carts, our hot hot summer series.

We are so very excited to bring you our summer series. What better way to spend your day before FAN kicks off than with Crafty at the Carts on Foster? Yummy food, cold beer, sweet live music and handmade local goodness. It's going to be a tasty good time. Vendors, we're happy to offer 3 different booth sizes so go on and apply today!

Coming soon from Foster Small Business. Want to get involved? Email us today!

Gift Certificates are now available! Shop in person at The Crafty Underdog Shop located at LGA's HQ, 6004 SE Foster Road, or shop online for all your Crafty needs. Live local, Buy Local, Love Local, Sell Local.

We hope you all will join us on Friday for the grand opening of yet another Portlandia Season at McMenamins Mission Theater. Try your hand at the Underdog Raffle with some handmade love provided by the following Portland Artists: Second Star Designs. Muddy Fingers. Button Arcade. Rethreadz Clothing. Mairwear. & more!

Our longtime friends and collaborators at Stumptown have released the official trailer for their forthcoming independent documentary "Forward", named for the Wisconsin state motto. The film features an activist-level view of the Wisconsin protests sparked in February 2011 and the war on the middle class. Watch for it in 2013.

Here's a little video we whipped up of The Crafty Underdog, live in action. And we're proud to announce, The Crafty Underdog has joined forces with the Oregon Humane Society to show a little love to our furry friends in need. Suggested donation $1.00 at the door. Join us June 10th at the Mission Theate. Artists and Madcrafters, apply today!

McMenamins, New Belgium & LGA invite you kindly to join us on September 11th:

The Crafty Rock Show

Aunt Adeleine's Vintage

If you have any questions, comments, etcetera; contact: craftyunderdog@gmail.com

Stumptown Sweethearts

Coming soon, Stumptown Sweethearts...A team dedicated to your happily ever after.

Tax the Rich: Madison Protest Time-Lapse
Stumptown's "Time-lapse video of Madison protests will completely mesmerize you." AV Club

Have you liked us yet?

We are so excited for The Crafty Underdog Spring Event, we can't contain it. Apply now at www.thecraftyunderdog.com.

Assisted Migration
A failing effort to relocate a small population of endangered Wisconsin newts begins to fray the sanity of two research assistants. Watch Stumptown's new short Assisted Migration.

Ending Studio

LGA launches Ending Studio's website.

Happy Birthday LGA

Save the Date for a tribute to John Hughes as we celebrate LGA's big 5th.

We Heart Small Business

Hearting our new We Heart Small Business website.

The OCD is a team dedicated to the meticulous. LGA happily hearts The Oregon Cleaning Department. LGA provided: logo, name, slogan, design, copy, blog, and more.

Dirty Dishes

Portland Artist, Kierstin Oliver has opened shop! LGA had the fortune to work with Oliver and create a site custom to suit.

Stumptown Media

Find out what our friends at Stumptown Media are up to these days.


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